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News from UNIMA: Education development and therapy

Result of the EDT Grant application

Dear all,  The EDT commission received keen reply since the release of the news. Till the deadline, we received 15 applications from 11 countries all over the world: Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, USA. It was pleasant to have received such number of very good presentations.   After the voting of our […]

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The applicants for the grant

The application for the grant has closed in end of May. We received 15 applications in total, they are: 1. Artsolute (Singapore) 2. Carol Sterling (USA) 3. Cengiz Ozek (Turkey) 4. Dafa Puppet Theatre (Czech Republic) 5. Elizabeth Goldsmith-Colney (USA) 6. Frans Hakkemars (The Netherlands) 7. Gibdel Wilson (Costa Rica) 8. King Ho Wong (Hong […]

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