Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


As it has been done in recent years, UNIMA International has created a common and participatory video to celebrate World Puppet Day on March 21st.

We called upon all to propose video sequences of 15′ to 30′ seconds of training courses, creations, shows, workshops, constructions, drawings, scenographies, animations. From the imaginary of the great white whale Moby Dick to the little golden fish, from the imaginary of mermaids to the reality of incredible beings such as octopuses and the tiniest micro-organisms, or the marvellous coral reefs, or the salmon that swims upstream. Aquatic life” is a balance of treasures that artists and scientists have never stopped exploring. Beyond the aquarium, we invite you to dive into the unknown and the marvellous of life in the waters.

Watch the video below!