Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Exhibition of puppets by Zygmunt Smandzik from the play “The Adventures of the Highwayman Rumcajs” from 1975 (TL “Pinokio”, Lodz).

These are puppets dressed in colorful costumes of folk and bourgeois provenance, while the puppets of Prince Pan and Princess Lady indicate Baroque origins. The artist has designed over 360 sets for puppet theater in Poland and abroad. He proposed a visual theater rich in Polish and European culture inspirations. His theater was influenced by images. In terms of material he willingly used colorful and chic fabrics, folk costumes, historical costumes, costumes of social groups.

The workshops will be conducted in the cycle “Academy of Young Puppeteers”. Workshop participants will make a theatrical puppet. A leaflet accompanying the exhibition will contain information on the history of the World Puppetry Day, on UNIMA and POLUNIMA, and on the stage design work of Zygmunt Smandzik.

Deadline 15-30 March 2022.