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Ruta Titiritera, road of the puppet

Spain - 4/06/2014

UNIMA Spain organizes a “Ruta Titiritera” (road of the puppet), kind of return to origins of puppetry art. All puppeteers interested (UNIMA members or not) who have an adventurous soul, will spend a week playing and passing the hat round after the performance. It’s experimental. The TOPIC of Tolosa has joined this “puppetry adventure”. It’s […]

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Death of Patrice Alexandre Guèdègbé

Benin - 26/05/2014

Patrice Alexandre Guèdègbé, puppeteer and secretary of UNIMA Benin, nicknamed as Sécurité, passed away. Condolences to his family, puppeteers and young people who learnt to love puppetry thanks to him. Rest in peace Alexandre Sécurité. The funeral will take place in Porto Novo (Bénin), Saturday, May 31. A. KOTONDI Check Amadou President of the Africa Commission.

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