Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


UNIMA has organized a touring international exhibition, which will start in Charleville-Mézières, and combines the history of the organization with the history of the art of puppetry.

People and Puppets. UNIMA, Believing in and creating a common future for puppetry, 1929-2019. That is the title of the official 90th anniversary exhibition, a project designed by a team led by Cristina Grazioli, in close collaboration with Marek Wazkiel, Idoya Otegui, Lucile Bodson and Dani Freixes.

The purpose of the exhibition is to tell the history of UNIMA, through the women and men who contributed to its construction. It is a synthesis of the inspiring principles of the organization and its international dimension, highlighting the desire for dialogue between different cultures that characterizes our association. From this interpretation of the past, the exhibition raises reflections on the present and future utopias.

The puppets will be the axis of the exhibition, and will also include testimonies, videos of shows, and photographs.

The exhibition will open to the public in July at the Musée de l’Ardenne in Charleville-Mézières, but the official event that will mark the start of the 90th anniversary celebrations of UNIMA will be on September 22, as part of the World Festival of Puppet Theaters to be held between September 20-29 in the French city. Then it will tour to another 5 countries.

Party. History. Exchange. Identity. Experiences. Share what we have been and what we are, so that we continue to be.

We are waiting for you at the official celebration of the 90th anniversary of UNIMA,
on September 22 in Charleville Mézières!