Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Magazine en ligne UNIMA : Issue #1

This first issue addresses the question of heritage and creation.

From the contemporary to the traditional and vice versa.Timeless fusion in Indonesia

In September 2017 we arrived in Indonesia to take classes in wayang kulit, traditional Balinese puppetry. By chance, our first puppetry encounter was with the Indonesian contemporary puppet company per excellence, Papermoon Puppet Theatre. Through “intergalactic connections”, as I like to call them, the magic of the puppets jumped across borders and connected us with […]

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Hetty Paërl: Honorary member of UNIMA since 30 May 2016

On Monday 30 May 2016, Hetty Paërl – cheerful, versatile, driven and above all modest – was awarded honorary membership of the UNIMA by the international UNIMA board: a good reason for an interview with this artist. Besides being an illustrator, painter and musician, she is also a writer of a great many books on […]

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