Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Yesterday and the day before, the assembly of the Centers and members of UNIMA gathered in Congress voted :

The Assembly elected the members of its Executive Committee:

  • Cariad Astles – Great Britain
  • Lucile Bodson – France
  • Annette Dabs – Germany
  • Kata Csato – Hungary
  • Tang Dayu – China
  • Kristin Haverty – USA
  • Dimitri Jageneau – Belgium
  • Katarina Klancnik Kocutar – Slovenia
  • Livija Kroflin – Croatia
  • Louise Lapointe – Canada
  • Kateřina Lešková Dolenská – Czech Republic
  • Tito Lorefice – Argentina
  • Anastasiia Mashtakova – Russia
  • Salma Mosheni Ardehali – Iran
  • Idoya Otegui – Spain
  • Clément Peretjatko – France
  • Dario Ruben Salazar – Cuba
  • Karen Smith – USA

And its Board:

  • President: Karen Smith
  • General Secretary: Dimitri Jageneau
  • Vice-Presidents: Annette Dabs and Tito Lorefice
  • Treasurer: Lucile Bodson

Three people were elected to the Audit Committee to verify the accounts:

  • Valter Broggini, Italy
  • Patricia Gomis, Senegal
  • Sergio Rower, Argentina

The location of the Congress was voted:

The next 2025 Congress will be hosted in Chuncheon, South Korea.

A number of motions were proposed and voted on by the UNIMA councilors and members during these two days. These times demonstrate a true democracy within UNIMA with real spaces of discussion where everyone can make proposals and expose their point of view.

Eleven commissions presented their reports: Education, Development and Therapy; Europe; Heritage; International Festivals; Middle East and North Africa; Professional Training; Publishing & Contemporary Writing; Research; Social Justice; Three Americas; Youth



International Festivals

Proffesional Training


Social Justice

Three Americas