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Puppetry Publication Online subcommission

Last updated: 02-11-2023

There are two separate projects for the UNIMA Publication Sub-Commission.

Publication directory

This project invites UNIMA Centres to share their existing magazines, journals and publications, and anyone (not just members) will be able to download the magazine for free (as a PDF) in the existing language of the magazine. We will provide a brief description of the magazine in three languages.

In September 2023, the overview of Puppetry Magazines counted more than 60 different magazines (printed and online, UNIMA publications and others). Alessandra Amicarelli put them on a world map. Jenö Virág, editor-in-chief of Hungarian art and puppetry magazine “Art Limes” shares three volumes with an overview and interviews with 33 chief editors of puppetry magazines. If you wish to have a version in print you can order it at Art Limes: viragjeno46@gmail.com. We welcome UNIMA centres and editors of puppetry magazine to add their publications by writing to ppo@unima.org.

Puppet Publications Online (PPO)

In 2017, the first issue ‘Transmission of tradition / tradition vs contemporary puppetry’ with two articles was launched, “From the contemporary to the Traditional and vice-versa” and “Hetty Paerl, Honorary Member of UNIMA”.

Following the meetings held by the PPO sub-commission over the last 2 years and the ideas that have emerged, PPO member Mihail Baykov and UNIMA project coordinator Emmanuelle Castang have been working on a preliminary editorial project for an international magazine. This would be published once a year in physical or digital form (which remains to be discussed). The production schedule will be defined by its participants. The main goals of the preliminary phase are:
– Establishing objectives
– Organisation of content (i.e. initial ideas for possible structure)
– Scope of articles
– PPO’s working methodology and process

PPO aims to develop a sub-group specifically for the international magazine. It is open to all those who wish to join. Several people have already shown an interest in joining. If you are interested in receiving more information and/or joining the group, please contact: ppo@unima.org.

Active members

  • Mihail Baykov (Bulgaria)
  • Jenö Virág (Hungary)
  • Alessandra Amicarelli (Italy)
  • Frans Hakkemars (Netherlands)