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Last updated: 07-03-2018

UNIMA Slovenia

Date of creation: 1933

c/o Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana Krekov trg 2
1000  LJUBLJANA  Slovenia


Brief history
In 1933, the first national centre was founded in Ljubljana when Slovenia hosted the UNIMA Congress, the last before World War II. After the war, until 1992, all activity was integrated in the Yugoslavian Centre.
In 1992 the 16th Congress of UNIMA was organized by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Since then Ljubljana has hosted the biennial Lutke International Puppet Festival.

Important projects and achievements
UNIMA Slovenia cooperates with all the puppetry organizations in Slovenia and strives to promote puppetry by celebrating the World Puppetry Day; bestowing the Klemenčič and Pengov awards, and organizing memorial exhibitions. In 2001, with UNIMA Croatia, the book Puppets from Nursery school to School was published. UNIMA Slovenia is co-organizer of the Summer Festival in Primoarska and the International Puppetry Festival Pier in Maribor. It collaborates with the Lutka magazine and the Museum of Slovenian puppetry.

Last news of the UNIMA Center

Opening of the first Museum of Puppetry in Slovenia

Slovenia - 23/05/2015

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to inform you that we are opening a first Museum of Puppetry in Slovenia. This permanent exhibition of the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre), situated at the Ljubljana Castle, will be featuring the milestones of the Slovenian puppetry history. Thus presented to the visitors in the museum will be […]

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