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UNIMA Russia

Date of creation: 1958

Strastnoy Bulvar n° 10
107031  MOSCOW  Russian Federation

74 956 503 349

74 956 503 349


Brief history
The Soviet Union (USSR) participated in the founding of UNIMA in 1929. The Soviet UNIMA Centre, uniting puppeteers from the 15 Soviet republics, was founded in Moscow, in 1958. The 12th UNIMA Congress was held in Moscow in 1976.
In the early 90s, after the disintegration of the USSR, almost all its republics became independent states with their own UNIMA National Centres. The Russian Centre began its activity under the umbrella of the Theatre Union of Russian Federation (STD RF). The General Secretary is a staff member of the International Department of STD RF, which explains why all the activity and events of the Centre are effected in cooperation with the Theatre Cabinet for children and youth and the puppet theatres of the STD-RF. Sergei Obrazstov served as President of international UNIMA from 1976-1984.

Important projects and achievements
UNIMA Russia’s main recent events are: the conference The Art of the Puppet: Sources and Innovation (2013); the meeting of the UNIMA-Europe Commission (St. Petersburg, 2011), the first World Festival of Puppet Theatre Schools, together with the meeting of the UNIMA Professional Training Commission (St. Petersburg, 2010); the meeting of the UNIMA Executive Committee (Yekaterinburg, 2009), the International Conference on The Problems of Creative Work and Art Perception in Modern Puppet Theatre, during the international festival named after Sergei Obraztsov (Moscow, 2008, 2011). For this last see the special edition of the magazine Theatre of Miracles, also the web-site of UNIMA in English. Also see A Window to Russian Puppetry produced by the Centro de Iniciativas de Tolosa (CIT) during their international festival Titirijai (Tolosa, 2008).