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Last updated: 19-07-2022

UNIMA Germany – UNIMA Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.

Dates of creation: 1960-1961 Democratic Republic of Germany1977 Federal Republic of Germany

c/o Theater der Nacht Obere Straße, 1
37154  NORTHEIM  Germany

+49 5551 908 07 79

495 551 919 059



Brief history
Germany was a founding member of UNIMA. German assemblies of puppeteers in Magdeburg (1927) and in Baden-Baden (1928) were the precondition for the establishment of UNIMA. When UNIMA was reborn in 1957, Germany was a participating member.  It hosted the 7th and 9th World Congress of UNIMA, in Braunschweig and Bochum (1960), and in Munich (1966).After the division of Germany, the East German UNIMA Centre was founded in 1960/61. It hosted the 14th World Congress of UNIMA in Dresden in 1984. West German UNIMA was founded in Stuttgart on October 31, 1977 by Gisela Lohmann, Dr. Gerd Mensching and Martha Stocker.
After the reunion of Germany in 1990, West and East German UNIMA became one organization, UNIMA Germany, with a single National Centre managed by Dieter Brunner in Frankfurt and then by Gerd Taube.
UNIMA Germany hosted the 18th UNIMA Congress in Magdeburg in 2000.
Since 2003, Stephan Schlafke (Lübeck) and Ruth Brock Hausen (Northeim) have been leaders of the national centre.

Important projects and achievements
The Centre has implemented the project “Road of Puppetry” with the European Commission. It has worked for the creation of new museums: TheaterFigurenMuseum (Lübeck), ?Villa P?  (Magdeburg), the International Shadow Theatre Centre (Internationales Schattentheaterzentrum) in Schwäbisch (Gmünd).
It has various working groups: Amateurs, Shadow Theatre, Puppet Theatre and the school, the Road of Puppetry, audiovisual media, Science and the World.
Twice a year UNIMA Germany publishes its review, Das Andere Theater, and encourages scientific publications.

Upcoming events

Last news of the UNIMA Center

Northeim (Germany) – August 2024 – International Puppet Festival

“Puppet Works Wonders – Fascination and Possibilities of a Medium.” From August 9th to 18th, 2024, Northeim will host the next Puppet Festival, themed “Puppet Works Wonders – Fascination and Possibilities of a Medium.” While the title may sound cliché, those who have experienced the impact of interacting with animated figures understand its profound effect. […]

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WHEN? Opening of FIDENA 2024 with a parade through the city and opening performance: 07.05.2024 FIDENA: 07.05.2024 -15.05.2024 International Symposium: 09.05. & 10.05.2024 WHERE? Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, Germany WHAT? During FlDENA, the Deutsches Forum fiir Figurentheater und Puppenspielkunst invites you to an international symposium with the theme “CHANGE – INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS IN TIMES OF TRANSFORMATION”. Festival […]

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7th German Puppet Theatre Conference: “From a different perspective”(August 18th – 27th, 2023)

7th German Puppet Theatre Conference: “From a different perspective” August 18th – 27th, 2023, in the “Theater der Nacht” in Northeim, Germany Download the digital flyer A meeting of german puppeteers and international puppeteers, organized by Theater der Nacht, Northeim in cooperation with UNIMA Germany and Verband Deutscher Puppentheater (VDP), the union of the professional […]

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The symposium for the 6th German Puppet Theater Conference in live stream

Germany - 18/08/2022

The symposium for the 6th German Puppet Theater Conference in live stream For the 6th time, the annual conference of puppet theaters will take place from August 26th to September 4th in Northeim, in the “Theater der Nacht”. The motto of the conference is “Figure theater in public space”. The Theater der Nacht is organizing […]

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The 6. German Puppetry Conference

It’s on! The 6. German Puppetry Conference is taking place this summer in Northeim: 26 August – 4 September 2022. A week full of workshops, shows and symposium featuring international speakers, artists and teachers. „Puppetry in public“ spaces is our topic for the 2022 conference. We want to exchange ideas, inspire one another and enhance […]

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New online journal to read and write: de:do. Just a bit of: doll

Germany - 12/09/2018

The journal “de:do” is a project in cooperation with the Forschungsstelle Schrift-Kultur (Research Center for Written Culture) at the University of Siegen. In addition to the areas of literature and literary studies, the journal addresses research from a wide spectrum of disciplines including psychology, education, visual and performing arts and the entire spectrum of cultural studies. It […]

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Festival FIDENA in Bochum, Germany, offers visitors program for May 2018

Germany - 17/09/2017

Call for application, for: International Festival directors, curators and journalists The visitors program includes travel costs, accomodation, meals, excursions to museums and theatres in our region and free tickets to the performances of festival FIDENA. The festival takes place between May 8th and 18th, the visitors program covers approximately 4 days. It is possible to […]

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