Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


A space for meeting, reflection, exchange and dissemination for puppeteers, mediators and all puppet lovers.

In the framework of the international celebrations for the World Puppetry Day 2022, the Peruvian Center of the International Union of Puppetry, is pleased to announce its 1st. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PUPPETRY AND MEDIATION UNIMA PERU, to be held virtually between March 17 and 20, in which we will present experiences in various fields of human endeavor in which the puppets have a leading role, either as an artistic discipline, object of study or application tool, thus showing the breadth, diversity, versatility and potential of this ancient art that at the same time is fully in force.

Renowned specialists from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, France, Singapore and Iceland, among others, will participate, a group of professional artists who will share their broad experience, vision and approach through presentations grouped into nine thematic tables that include Puppets for Life and Health, Puppets and Creativity in Educational Spaces and innovative tables such as Puppets and Gender diverse views, Puppets in Digital Format and Puppets and Neuroscience, among others.

As additional activities, the National Message for the International Puppetry Day will be read, this year written by the renowned playwright César de María and the “Ño Valdiviezo Award” will be presented to the teacher Lucinda Marroquín from Lima and to Mr. Rafael Taica from Cajamarca, the family that created the Puppet Museum of that region, for their puppetry trajectory.

It will be broadcast in virtual format through UNIMA PERU’s social networks, and participation will be FREE with prior registration at the following link:

And for further details and updates, please visit UNIMA PERU’s Facebook page