Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


The UNIMA-USA board of directors in Spring 2021 resolved to explore the uses of Zoom to spotlight some of the many artists, thinkers, and makers across the country. Its first event was on August 28th 2022 on “Designing for Puppetry,” with Bradford Clark (BGSU) showing the process of carving and designing and his wonderful production of Baron Munchausen. Other presentations followed including the work of F. Elaine Williams (Bucknell University), Steven Widerman (The Puppet Company), and Colette Segal (University of Maryland, Baltimore).

Coming up on February 12th, join Matthew Isaac Cohen, Stephen Kaplin, and Manuel Antonio Morán Martínez as they speak of Puppets, Holidays and Holydays: Sharing Heritages. For more details, click here or sign up immediately HERE. Free for members and non-members of UNIMA, registration is required.

If you would like to catch any of these previous presentations, they are available on UNIMA-USA’s facebook page. Do subscribe and follow UNIMA-USA on facebook to access these videos. And if you have suggestions or specific UNIMA-USA members you would like to watch on Zoom, contact kfoley@ucsc.edu with your ideas. All presenters are volunteers but for love of puppets and UNIMA they give their knowledge and we thank our generous and talented UNIMA folks.