Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Emergency Aid for Puppeteers

Last updated: 07-11-2023

UNIMA continues to provide aid for puppeteers and UNIMA members afflicted by disasters caused by weather or climate, industrial, political or social situations of extreme distress.

As always, you may make a donation via PayPal or a direct bank transfer to our bank account. Write to us at web@unima.org with a screen capture of your donation and let us know the campaign your donation is intended for.

Members may apply for financial aid in the online form below. More details will follow, as UNIMA International develops its response and plans for the months and years ahead.

We thank you for your continuous support for peace, heritage, and the creative arts.



UNIMA Emergency Aid information

How does the UNIMA Emergency Aid programme work?



    Are you a UNIMA member; if so, which national centre are you affiliated with?

    Why are you applying for emergency aid?

    Have you told your national centre about your situation? If so, what was their response?