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Emergency Aid for Puppeteers

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected live performance artists; amongst these are puppeteers from around the world. Since March this year, UNIMA has received requests for urgent assistance from numerous families, above all from traditional puppeteers and street performers, who are now in situations of extreme poverty. 

Between March and April we did the following:

UNIMA fundraised €8,700, which have been distributed to 245 families. This aid represents about two weeks of basic food supplies. Between 10 and 100 Euros were distributed to each family, depending on their situation and the country that they live in. National UNIMA centres took on the identification of those in need of aid, local logistics and the distribution of said aid. The anonymity of the beneficiaries is guaranteed. 

What we plan to do during the autumn 2020:

In order to be able to respond to continuous requests for aid, UNIMA is launching a new fundraising campaign. We hope to widen the network of support by reaching out to friends of our friends….who are possibly not familiar with the puppetry world, nor UNIMA, but who trust you.

We need your support to help
those puppeteers who are in extreme difficulty.
We are therefore looking for donors and ambassadors. Help us to widen the circle of donors beyond those within the puppet world, by writing a personal message to your close friends that you think could be possible donors, and include this address in your message: Crowdfunding

UNIMA Emergency Aid information

How does the UNIMA Emergency Aid programme work?



    Are you a UNIMA member; if so, which national centre are you affiliated with?

    Why are you applying for emergency aid?

    Have you told your national centre about your situation? If so, what was their response?