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Articles seek to answer the questions: How are our puppets, after almost two years away from the public, far from the eyes and far from the admiration of all? How have solo artists, theater groups and collectors preserved and conserved their collections, archives, the traditional suitcases of puppets, texts and images that tell so many stories?

We work with this topic, which is important to us, as it involves issues such as heritage and memory. Brazil is currently experiencing serious problems in relation to its cultural heritage and it is urgent to reflect on the matter.

The reader will be able to see that, at the same time that theater groups, families, initiatives of groups or individuals, with great effort and own resources preserve collections, there are also collections almost totally destroyed, without the support of public institutions for their conservation. There is confirmation of the neglect and disrespect that leads to the erasure of records, objects and documents from the history of Brazilian puppet theater.

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Mamulengo: Magazine of the Brazilian Association of Puppet Theater - UNIMA Brazil Center - ABTB/CUB. Florianópolis, Year 48, n. 19, December 2021. 157 Pages
Editors of this issue: Valmor Nini Beltrame, Miguel Vellinho Vieira, Gilson Motta and Izabela Brochado. Cover: Created by Ubiratan Carlos Gomes. Layout: Denize Gonzaga.