Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


“Puppets are stubborn, and puppeteers pay them all the attention in the world.

They stubbornly persist everywhere, whether we are sad, brave, or happy, whether we are hot or craving something delicious.

They persist in hopelessness and apathy. They enter the puppeteers’ skin and dress as them because they are stubborn.

That’s why puppeteers come together, that’s why we always need each other.

This thirst for beauty, for symbolism, that urgency to communicate through allusion becomes an obsession. We hang on to their mystery because they exist in the infiniteness of existence and make us recognize ourselves outside of us in another dimension, where puppets reside, in the memory of the world’s memory.

This thirst to create figures, to build their realms of being, keeps us awake, and without hesitation, they become the owners of dreams.

Puppeteers, we like each other when we are together, we get used to meeting and embracing each other just because, despite pandemics, wars, or economic dilemmas.

Because puppets, being stubborn, seduce us and lead us by the hand like children. It doesn’t matter what they are made of, whose hands they are in, where they come from, or how they are dressed, whether they are whole or not, whether they are big or skinny, heavy or light, simple or complicated. They undress themselves as they are, with their seams exposed, their tricks, and their controls because they know we love them.

Definitely, we, the Cuban puppeteers, and I can assure you that those from any corner of this beloved blue planet who love puppets, pay them attention… all the attention in the world.”

I attest.

Ms.C. Blanca Felipe Rivero. Havana 1963. BA in Theaterology – Dramaturgy (1985), Diploma in Theater for Children and Puppetry (1999-2000), Master in Formative Processes in Arts Education (2018). Professor at the University of the Arts. Playwright, staged by amateur and professional theater, published in Cuban editorials and in the Ibero-American Dramatic Collection for children and youth at CELCIT. Researcher and critic, with presence in Cuban and foreign cultural magazines and websites. Vice president of the Cuban Center of UNIMA. Current scriptwriter and chief advisor for the Animation Studios of Cubavisión and Theater advisor for children and puppets of the National Council of Performing Arts. She was awarded the Distinction for National Culture in 2014.