Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


UNIMA Spain organizes a “Ruta Titiritera” (road of the puppet), kind of return to origins of puppetry art. All puppeteers interested (UNIMA members or not) who have an adventurous soul, will spend a week playing and passing the hat round after the performance. It’s experimental. The TOPIC of Tolosa has joined this “puppetry adventure”.
It’s a travel by different cities of Basque Country, with the partnership of town councils.
The principles of this project are the following:

  • Duration and places: 6 days in July and August 2014 in different towns.
  • The puppeteer or the puppet company (maximum 2 persons) can play in the indicated places.
  • The accommodation is free in Tolosa, in TOPIC, for all the days of the “road”. In the TOPIC, the location of the performance would be indicated.
  • The lunch and the dinner of the day of performance will be offered by the correspondent city.
  • If the collected money within the hat doesn’t reach 150 Euros, the correspondent town will supplement until to reach this amount of 150 Euros.
  • The companies and puppeteers will work with responsibility.

If you wish to participate, you can send your contact information and a photo of your show before June 15th, 2014 to one of two following emails: