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Discover the # 12 of the Brazilian review Móin-Móin, published by the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Teatro do Centro de Artes da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina.
This issue, as Valmor Nini Beltrame and Gilmar Antonio Moretti explain within the fist pages, has as main theme the “Visualidades no Teatro de Formas Animadas” (Visualities in the Theatre of Animated Forms).
There, you would find articles of Didier Plassard, Blanca Felipe Rivero, Sonia Lucia Rangel, Amabilis de Jesus, Fatima Costa de Lima, Wagner Cintra, Ana Maria Amaral, Rafael Curci, Catin Nardi, Yudd Favier and an interview with Francois Delarozière by David Lippe.
Mainly in Portuguese, this review also contains some articles and summaries in French or Spanish.
Read the Móin-Móin # 12, but also the past issues