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Poster for World Puppetry Day 2023

Last updated: 05-12-2023

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    Artist: Ricardo Abella

    Painting, drawing, engraving, installation

    1950 Born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
    1979 Degree in Arts from the Faculty of San Miguel de
    1980 Scholarship from the “Societa Dante Alighieri” and
    the “Istituto Italiano di Cultura”, Buenos Aires
    1983 Lives and works in Florence and Rome
    1985 Lives and works in Switzerland
    1992 Returns to Argentina
    Since 1997 he has lived in Switzerland and works as a
    painter, draughtsman, and engraver.
    Since 2005, he has been creating stained glass windows
    for various buildings on the campus of the University of
    San Martin in Buenos Aires.

    Between 2015 and 2017, he was director of the “Departamento artes visuales” of the University of San
    Martin, Buenos Aires.
    From 1975 to 2022, he designed numerous individual and group exhibitions in Argentina, Switzerland,
    France, Italy, Denmark and Germany.