Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Participatory Picture Library

Last updated: 08-12-2016

 The project

UNIMA has created on Flickr a participatory picture libraryopen to all. The aim is to collect a large number of photos concerning the art of puppetry, UNIMA invites you to contribute photos to this  collection.

This picture library will be a testimony for the vitality of this art. It will be a source of images for our website and, according to the legal possibilities given by the internet user, it could be a source for the update of the Worldwide Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts (WEPA).

Rules for users

  1. Publish only your own photos and vídeos.
  2. Before a publishing, be sure that all people represented agree. You will avoid sharing photos with children faces.
  3. Write a caption (if it’s possible the place and the date)
  4. The photos and vídeos must be linked directly and clearly with puppetry.

Reminder: UNIMA Internnational dépends on the French Law. The non-compliance of copyright and image rights may be prosecuted.

What does “According to the legal conditions” mean ?

It’s up to you, internet user, to decide the legal statute of photo/picture that you have producted and posted. When you share your photo, you will decide if the photo may be, or not, subject to a reuse and under what conditions (choice a lience “creative common”).