Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Once again, the world of puppetry is in mourning; this is a sad year for our profession, in which some  great puppeteers passed on. Julio Michel  a PUPPETEER in capital letters, always practised with pride his profession, passed away, founder of the festival Titirimundi of Segovia.

Julio made this beautiful Spanish city to be known and loved by puppeteers from around the world, for its incomparable festival. A festival that takes over the streets of Segovia and converts them into a great open air stage, where children and adults enjoy the art of puppetry, thanks to this tireless fighter Julio Michel. The world of puppetry, his city and Spain owe him enormously.

I’m sure wherever  Julio has gone, he is already beginning  to organise a festival, accompanied by so many friends and puppeteers who have left us this year.

Rest in peace, dear friend

Dadi Pudumjee, President UNIMA
Idoya Otegui, General Secretary UNIMA
and the larger UNIMA and puppeteer family