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News from UNIMA: Germany

New online journal to read and write: de:do. Just a bit of: doll

Germany - 12/09/2018

The journal “de:do” is a project in cooperation with the Forschungsstelle Schrift-Kultur (Research Center for Written Culture) at the University of Siegen. In addition to the areas of literature and literary studies, the journal addresses research from a wide spectrum of disciplines including psychology, education, visual and performing arts and the entire spectrum of cultural studies. It […]

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Festival FIDENA in Bochum, Germany, offers visitors program for May 2018

Germany - 17/09/2017

Call for application, for: International Festival directors, curators and journalists The visitors program includes travel costs, accomodation, meals, excursions to museums and theatres in our region and free tickets to the performances of festival FIDENA. The festival takes place between May 8th and 18th, the visitors program covers approximately 4 days. It is possible to […]

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