Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


25 juin, 14h > 16h GMT / 16h > 18h CET

June 25, 14h to 16h GMT / 16h to 18h CET

Speaker : Doctor Liazere Seri Elie Kouaho, Ivory Coast

General inspector of modern literature, president of the management board of the national office of cinema of ivory coast (ONAC-CI), director of the national center for arts and culture (CNAC) 

Language : French

The development of management in companies has led the cultural sector to adopt various postures. Thus, a long period of resistance has been followed by a stage of progressive integration of management tools in cultural enterprises. The advent of new actors with proven managerial expertise has favored this evolution. Moreover, because of the problems arising from these implementations, new relationships have been established between these tools and cultural organizations. Through the observation of a few cases and the application of the management approach to a specific field of the performing arts sector, this contribution highlights the need to use management tools in cultural organizations and the specific issues at stake in this practice of the market system which, far from constituting a brake on creativity and artistic innovation, presents itself as a powerful means of stimulating the creative process.

This seminar is proposed by the Académie Ivoire Marionnettes, in Ivory Coast, within the framework of the project “Plein feu du sur la marionnette en Afrique” supported by UNESCO and in partnership with the UNIMA, the Académie Ivoire Marionnette, the Centre Djarama and the artist Naomi Van Niekerk.