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Out of the Shadows, by Leslee Asch, invites thought with a visual narrative of the festivals and their continuing legacy.

Many books and thousands of pages have been written about the life and work of Jim Henson. Out of the Shadows is the first focusing solely on his love and impact on puppet theater as a vital form of contemporary art, an important and previously unexplored aspect of Henson’s legacy.

The Jim Henson Foundation International Puppet Festivals brought puppet theater to mainstream American theater. Between 1992 and 2000, the foundation organized the Festivals in New York City and developed a national touring program, with the participation of famous theaters and artists.

This year 2020 also commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the last festival and the thirtieth anniversary of Henson’s death.

About the author
Leslee Asch worked for Jim Henson and The Jim Henson Company for more than twenty years. She began her career as a puppet maker, and later served as the Director of Exhibitions for Jim Henson Productions, curating and managing exhibitions around the world. She was also Executive Director of the Jim Henson Foundation and Director of the Henson International Puppet Theater Festivals.

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