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Join UNIMA colleagues from around the world to explore four fresh approaches to puppetry. Conceived at the 2018 Bochum council meeting, Fishing Fresh is intended introduce new ideas and opportunities for creation and collaboration in the field of puppetry.

For this inaugural session taking place in conjunction with the congress, four companies will present their work, followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, provide feedback and network with those interested in international artistic collaborations. 

April 21, 2021 (17:30 CET)
Presenting language: English
Registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvfuuupj8vGN3RG5Sj-5ShbBjfjiuyHHLJ

We introduce our speakers and invite you to see their video presentations. 2021 projects include:

Daniele Rocha Viola

I seek the Flower and find the poetry of Precariousness: Paths and experiments through Light Design and the Theatrical Mask

Daniele Rocha Viola shares research conducted for a masters degree at Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC) in Florianópolis, Brazil. In this study, Rocha Viola built lights, masks and specially designed tools for researching the relationship between different elements of theater, with a particular focus on theatrical masks and light design.

Shadowlight Productions

Expanding the scope of Shadow Theatre as an artistic expression and as a tool for cross-cultural understanding

ShadowLight Productions, based in San Francisco, California US, presents the company’s vision to expand the scope of Shadow Theatre as an artistic expression and as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. ShadowLight Productions’ works orchestrate silhouettes of puppets, actors, and cutout sets illuminated by multiple electric light sources to create cinematic effects live on stage. Each show features live music and is created by a collaborating ensemble of writers, choreographers, composers, designers, actors, dancers, musicians and puppeteers from various cultural backgrounds, artistic disciplines and styles. The presentation will focus on recent work in 2019 and 2020 including several Wayangs (San Francisco Bay Area,) Shadows For Carlos Villa (performance for the Asian Art Museum,) Dewi Sri (workshop and performance in Indonesia,) & Dark Light (workshop & performance in Taiwan.) Active far and wide, the company approaches 50 years of practicing play, experimentation, and collaboration.

Nina Vogel

ConCordis: Meeting the heart of the world through Lambe-Lambe

Intending to unite the strength of the intimate and personalized experience that only Lambe-Lambe theater can provide, one woman travels around the world to listen to its heart! Performer Nina Vogel will share her latest project, the second part of the ConCordis creation (a Heart Lambe-Lambe). Vogel will speak to her experience presenting to one viewer at a time throughout different countries in the world and will share her vision of miniature Lambe-Lambe theater’s association to poetic documentary, impacting the collective and universal audiovisual experience. 

UNIMA Finland

Meeting Point Finland 2019 and the potential for cross-border collaboration and cooperation in the puppetry field
Website: www.unima.fi

In 2019, UNIMA Finland, in cooperation with Maria Baric Company, invited Nordic puppet theatre artists from five countries to attend Meeting Point Finland and Kulttuurimylly Festival in Helsinki. The project included artist meetings, workshops and creation of a multicultural community artwork and street carnival processions in Myllypuro suburb. Puppeteers from Cuba specializing in street theatre led the workshop, creating a gigantic walking spider and other puppet figures out of recycled material. Hundreds of participants from the suburb (school children with spider puppets, inhabitants etc.) joined the procession led by artists, musicians, stilt walker, and fire effects. Workshops, meetings, seminars and Nordic puppetry performances took place in the community theatre Kulttuurimylly (Cultural Mill). Nordic puppeteers gathered to discuss present and future cooperation in the field. As a result, Meeting Point projects were developed in Sweden and Norway. UNIMA Finland will share their journey in creating this first joint project within NORDPU, Nordic Puppeteer Directory and how this collaborative process may be used as a model for other UNIMA centers world-wide for regional collaboration and cooperation.