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Call for Proposals! Puppet Power: Festival of Ideas
WP Puppet Theatre is seeking proposals from Performers & Presenters for Spring 2022’s Puppet Power: Festival of Ideas. The Festival features local, Canadian, and international master puppeteers whose inspiring performances link to intriguing ideas. https://bit.ly/3muQ7Mw

This will be the 10th edition of Puppet Power and the theme is Celebration: Puppets, Meaning, Connection. The theme sparks many ideas and questions such as: How do we celebrate? What do we choose to celebrate? Who is celebrating and who isn’t? What about anti-celebration considerations? How has puppetry contributed to the ritual, cultural or commerce of celebration?
When submitting your proposal, please consider the theme and submit your proposal by October 31st 2021. Read the blog post about the theme of Celebration here: https://bit.ly/3hlPUbm

Find out about Puppet Power here: https://bit.ly/3muQ7Mw
Submit your proposal here: https://bit.ly/3tzN5GI