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01/08/2017 - 02/08/2017
All day

University College Cork


The UNIMA Research Commission in collaboration with Cork Puppetry Festival, University College Cork, and Mary Immaculate College, are proposing a two-day symposium exploring the ways puppetry intersects with disability and health. We invite academics and practice-based researchers to propose papers, provocations, and particularly discussions about or presentations of practice-based research.

Tuesday August 1st 2017

  • 12.30 Registration
  • 1.15 Welcome and introduction (Cariad Astles)
  • 1.35 Keynote: Dr Melissa Trimingham: Puppetry and autism


  • 2.25 Moira Jenkins: Puppetry as a human right: relational citizenship
  • 2.50 Andrea Markovits: Puppet therapy and traumatic memory in Chile post-dictatorship
  • 3.10 coffee
  • 3.30 Yasuko Senda: Heart-warming Smile Puppet Association
  • 3.55 Oscar Goldszmidt: Social inclusion through puppetry: a case study with cerebral palsy
  • 4.20 Caroline Astell-Burt: Closeness, touching and kinaesthesia
  • 4.45 Antje Wegener: Therapeutic puppetry in Germany
  • 5.05 Questions and discussion

Wednesday August 2nd

  • 9.00 Registration
  • 9.30 Keynote: Dr Persephone Sextou: Puppetry in hospitals, clinics and healthcare settings

Disability panel

  • 10.35 Emma Fisher: The Broken Puppet: puppetry and disability
  • 11.00 Corina Duyn: Life outside the box: puppetry, ME and disability
  • 11.25 Roberto Ferreira De Silva: puppetry with disabled participants
  • 11.45 Questions and discussion

Hospitals and care settings panel

  • 1.10 Riku Laakkonen: Performing objects in palliative care
  • 1.35 Matt Jennings: Acts of caring: puppetry in person-centred nursing
  • 2 Gibdel Wilson: Puppets talk, communities listen
  • 2.25 Poupak Azimpour: Listener dolls: a case study of women recovering from cancer
  • 2.45 Questions and discussion
  • 3.05 coffee

Mental health panel

  • 3.25 Marisa Latimer: Shadow puppetry and dramatherapy
  • 3.50 Kate James-Moore: Puppetry as a creative tool: struggle, control, power
  • 4.15 Joni-Rae Carrack: Objective and Subjective: puppetry and mental health
  • 4.40 Aaron Jean Crombé: Self-acceptance and puppetry
  • 5.05 Lesley Burton: final reflections
  • 5.30 Questions and discussion