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Our friends from the House of Puppets in Tehran led by Marzieh Baroumand, are also making face shields for their hospitals in Iran: here is the text they have sent requested by our President that found the News. Thank you for this puppeteers that cannot play puppets, but can use their hands for another very useful thing nowadays!

“One of the items required by the medical teams these days is face shields. Yada group in collaboration with House of Puppet NGO, supervision of specialist physicians and the skill of the puppet artists has mass production of this item for the medical teams in hospitals. 

Until now, about seven thousand shields have been built in the House of Puppet where being sterilized every day for the puppeteers to come and assist making these shields.

The proposal was made by Marzieh Baroumand, a renowned Iranian artist, and went into production with the help of members of the Yada group and puppet makers.

The Yada group members include filmmakers, social activists, doctors, and puppetry artists who are providing face masks for the medical teams in hospitals during these Corona days.”