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Stormy Night

Murray , Peta (Australia)

Peta Murray is best known as a playwright, but also writes short stories and is a dramaturg, director and occasional teacher of writing. Her best-known play, Wallflowering, has had numerous productions in Australia and overseas. Her play Salt won the 2001 Louis Esson Prize for Drama in the Victorian Premier's Awards. Other works include Spitting Chips, an adaptation of Tim Winton's Blueback, The Procedure and The Keys to the Animal Room. Community theatre works include This Dying Business and The Law of Large Numbers. In 2006 she wrote Room for Playworks and the Melbourne Writers' Festival. In 2010 two 'micro-plays' featured in Finucane & Smith's The Carnival of Mysteries at the Melbourne International Arts Festival. She is currently developing a new work for performance entitled Things That Fall Over: an (anti-)musical of a novel inside a reading of a play, with footnotes, and oratorio-as-coda. She is represented by HLA Management, Sydney. In 2003 Peta was awarded a Centenary Medal for services to society and literature. This work was produced by Terrapin Theatre under the Artistic Direction of Jessica Wilson. Jessica is an Australian director and producer working with visual narratives in spectacle theatre, in-theatre for young audiences and conceptual participative projects. She has toured her works to USA and around Australia winning numerous awards. She now lives and works in Melbourne.

Autor : Peta Murray from the book by Michele Lemiéux.
With a beautiful combination of acetate based shadow puppetry and performance, this production navigates a world of endless possibilities. Stormy Night playfully translates philosophy into rich and gentle visual theatre.
Unable to sleep one stormy night, a young girl lies awake, her head full of questions; ‘is there only one me in the world?" and "if someone made a hole in the sky would we see infinity?" As the stormy night closes in on her bedroom, and with the company only of her pet dog, she embarks on a journey of the imagination and the mind. Based on the enchanting picture book by Michele Lemiéux which is published in nine languages, Stormy Night was created for anyone who has tried to understand the world and found that humour and imagination are the only certainties.