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Directory of research stakeholders

Research - 29/06/2017

Since 2012, the Research and Documentation Centre of the Institut International de la Marionnette has implemented some tools designed to encourage research on puppetry and object theatre whatever the discipline may be: performing arts, anthropology, archeology, history, literature, visual arts, new technologies, philosophy, psychoanalysis and therapies, economics, physics, chemistry, etc. One of these tools aims […]

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Participate in the International Vocabulary of Puppetry

Research - 9/04/2014

The Research Center at the Institut international de la marionnette (IIM) in Charleville-Mézières has launched within the framework of the Web Portal for Puppetry Arts (PAM) an International Project of Linguistic Research in order to ease translation tasks and prepare the interoperability of databases concerning the puppet in the context of semantic Web.   This work […]

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Call for Research Project of Puppetry Art

Research - 2/02/2014

Take part to the research project, the book about Puppet and Puppet Theater, of Poupak Azimpour, Iranian puppet theater researcher, answering to the questions: What is a Puppet? Who is a Puppet? What is the Puppet theatre? Why is the Puppet Theater chosen when there are other forms of media and performing art? Read more

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