Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


In commemoration of the Day of Saint Simeon “El Salo”, considered the Patron Saint of Puppeteers.

Saturday 3, Sunday 4 and Monday 5 of July of 2021, from 11 am. at 2.00 pm. Mexico City time (16:00 UTC).

We invite the puppetry community and people interested in this art to our Colloquium, for the presentation of lectures, puppetry experiences or performances that directly link the puppet in processes of emotional support, healing and spirituality, as a deep interrelation between our sacred ancestry and earthly.

We know that in many places and since ancient times, puppets have been close to magical-religious practices that link them to what we would call “individual or collective healing”. There are outstanding experiences in various parts of the world, such as Bali (Indonesia), Africa, Siberia, America, among others, considered linked to shamanism.

Likewise, some world religions use puppets as a very suitable resource for the dissemination of their Faith.

All these experiences will be welcomed in our Colloquium, whose main objective is to preserve, disseminate and develop this important ancestral legacy.

The Colloquium is open to the participation of 27 SPEAKERS (with interventions of 7 minutes), who consider these three points: 1) puppets, 2) healing or emotional or religious support, and 3) spirituality. In principle there will be 9 tables; at the end of each one we will have a question and answer section with the intervention of the public.

Please send the following, before June 23, to the email: titeroterapia@gmail.com

1) Title
2) Proposal written in less than 70 words
3) Brief personal profile (70 words maximum)
4) Photography
5) Day and time of preference (subject to availability).

We will use the Zoom platform and Facebook Live.

Certificate of participation will be granted.

Organized by: * Collective TITEROTHERAPY WITHOUT BORDERS *

  • Claudia Martinez del Castillo
  • Milagros Arroyo Davila
  • Claudia Calvi
  • Griselda Coss
  • Daniela Nahaivi Jara Vasquez
  • Pablo Reyes Juarez
  • Ricardo Vilchis Perez
  • Wilson Ruiz Castro
  • Alejandro Jara Villaseñor