Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Directory Sheet

Last updated: 27-08-2020

UNIMA South Korea

Date of creation: 1979

c/o Chuncheon Puppet Theatre Youngseoro 3017
24235  CHUNCHEON-SI (Kangwon-Do)  Republic of Korea

+82 33 242 8452


Brief History
UNIMA Korea was established in 1979 on the initiative of Lee Kyung-Hee and members of a cultural circle. Lee Kyung-Hee was elected member of the UNIMA Executive Committee during the 14th Congress in Dresden (Germany) in 1984. Kim Ock-rang, director of the Dongsoong Art Center, has been President of UNIMA Korea since 2008.

Important projects and achievements
UNIMA Korea publishes Kokduguk, a quarterly magazine specializing in the art of puppetry, from 1981 to 1988. The marionette troupe Oritgwangdae performed Yangju Pyolsandae at the 1984 World Puppetry Festival. In 1988, the Centre held the Seoul International Marionette Festival, creating an opportunity to publicize Korean puppetry culture all over the world. Kim Ock-rang presented a paper entitled Korean Kokdus and the Kokdu Museum at the 2009 ICOM Korean Committee general assembly in Seoul. Kim Ock-rang established the Kokdu Museum, which features an important collection of Kokdu, a traditional Korean wooden sculpture.