Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

Directory Sheet

Last updated: 14-09-2022

UNIMA Japan – Nihon UNIMA

Date of creation: May 30th, 1967

2-12-3-2F, Yoyogi Shibuya-Ku
151 0053  TOKYO  Japan

+81 (0)3 3379 3370

+81 (0)3 3379 3370



Brief history

  • 1967 – Organization of a meeting ;
  • 1974 – The Yearbook of Japanese Puppetry issued ;
  • 1979 – International Puppet Festival of Asian-Pacific Area in Tokyo;
  • 1988 – XV UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival in Nagoya, Iida and Tokyo ;
  • 2010 – Participation in A Window to Japanese Puppetry held in the frame of the 28th International Festival of Puppets in Tolosa, Spain. Fourteen UNIMA Members of Honor from Japan have been appointed. The first was Yoshida Bungoro nominated in 1960 for his masterly work in the 300-year-old Bunraku puppet tradition.

Important projects and achievements

  • Annual General Assembly of UNIMA-JAPAN;
  • Issue of the Yearbook of Japanese Puppetry;
  • Issue of the newsletter of UNIMA-JAPAN named Ningyogeki-no-hiroba (issued three times in a year) ;
  • Study-Tour about traditional and contemporary Japanese puppetry ;
  • Sponsorship for Iida Puppet Festa which is held in Iida-City, Nagano-prefecture every summer;Sending of an annual report on Japanese puppetry to the International Theatre Institute, Japan.