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Last updated: 21-11-2023

UNIMA Burundi

ASBL ABASAMANDARI/Palais des Arts et de la culture de Bujumbura Bujumbura-Burundi


Created under the impetus of the non-profit association ABASAMANDARI, an association founded in 2018 by a group of 8 students from the performing arts sector at the University of Burundi, UNIMA Burundi is currently in a phase research and discovery of the arts of puppetry. It aims to to promote and popularize the arts of puppetry in Burundi, the art which seems to be largely ignored and neglected in the Republic of Burundi.

Despite a lack of financial means, UNIMA Burundi’s main activities to carry out in its missions and visions are: training and creations to be able to promote and popularize the arts of puppetry in Burundi.
UNIMA Burundi has already benefited from training carried out by UNIMA International and supported by UNESCO, project: Puppetry of tomorrow in Africa, Dramaturgies and digital experiments in May 2023, training which responded well to the missions and visions of the ‘UNIMA (promotion and popularization of puppetry arts in Burundi, and even in the Great Lakes Region).


Email: unimaburundi1@gmail.com

– Eraste Mandera, President of UNIMA Burundi
– Berline Mugiraneza, Vice-President of UNIMA Burundi
– Fabrice Shurweryimana, Treasurer of UNIMA Burundi
– Ercie Nishimwe, Secretary of UNIMA Burundi

– Eraste Mandera (Contact: Email – manderaeraste46@gmail.com)
– Jean D’arc Niyongabo (Contact: Email – jeandarcniyongabo@gmail.com)

– Eraste Mandera
– Berline Mugiraneza
– Ercie Nishimwe
– Fabrice Shurweryimana
– Jean D’arc Niyongabo
– Prosper Nkunzimana
– Fabrice Djuma Saïd
– Mathilde Niyintunze
– Telesphore Shakaryimana
– Leslie Cybela Iteka

Last news of the UNIMA Center

Newsletter 001 – NOVEMBER 2023 – UNIMA Burundi

Burundi - 5/11/2023

The national Centre of UNIMA Burundi was founded on April 25, 2023, with the approval of the Executive Council of UNIMA International during the Congress held in Bali, Indonesia. UNIMA Burundi’s mission is to promote the art of puppetry, a largely unrecognized art form in the Republic of Burundi, by supporting training, creation, and research […]

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