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Women Life Freedom, UNIMA for International Women’s Day

- 7/03/2023

  The movement “Women Life Freedom” has been running in UNIMA focusing on women’s rights. For the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March, eight puppeteers from all corners of the world were interviewed by volunteers of UNIMA International about puppet theatre and women’s rights in their countries and societies. The playlist: Women Life Freedom […]

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Women, Life, Freedom

- 16/11/2022

UNIMA invites all puppeteers of the world, regardless of nationality, gender, and religious beliefs, to display and represent their views on Women, Life, Freedom with their puppets, via photos or videos, on our page, unima.org/womenlifefreedom. We would consider all videos and image files if you could provide the name of the contributing artist(s) and the […]

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World Puppetry Day 2020: Dadi Pudumjee, Lucile Bodson and Idoya Otegui

- 21/03/2020

Due to the state of exception in the world, this year we have a second message on this World Puppetry Day. Dadi Pudumjee, president of UNIMA, Idoya Otegui Martinez, general secretary, and Lucile Bodson, treasurer, send, from their homes, a message of strength and support to the whole puppetry universe. Together we will get out […]

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