Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO

News from UNIMA: President

Idoya Otegui

- 15/07/2022

Idoya Otegui, born 1960, has a background in organizing congresses and public relations. She has organized and participated in many cultural events as part of the Centro de Iniciativas de Tolosa since 1978 and, since 2003, she has worked professionally for the Centro. She has been Vice-President of the Centro de Iniciativas de Tolosa, and […]

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Hamidreza Ardalan

- 6/11/2016

Hamidreza Ardalan, born 1959, is an art theorist, PhD in art studies, branch of theatre and music. He has staged theatre and music productions oriented towards nature and objects and with an emphasis upon peace and equality in Iran and other emerging economies countries. He has published articles and books, and as artistic director has […]

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