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News from UNIMA: School

GITIS (Russian Institute of Theatrical Art)

- 16/11/2017

Higher education program lasts 5 years. Training in 3 specialties: director of puppet theater (10 semesters), Scenography of puppet theater (10 semesters), actor-puppeteer (8 semesters). The team: Boris Konstantinov (directing and acting), Victor Antonov (Scenography)  

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St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy

- 6/09/2013

University-level school: BA and MA, 2 faculty with 4 specialisations: 1a/ directors (10 semestre), 1b/ actorpuppeteers (8 semesters), 2a/ set design (10 semesters), 2b/ technology of performance of the theatre of puppets (10 semesters).

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