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News from UNIMA: Festival

Encuentros Te Veo

- 23/01/2019

The association I SEE YOU, OF SCENIC ARTS FOR THE INFANCY AND THE YOUTH, created in 1996 and formed by companies of the whole state, organizes since 1998 the Encuentros Festival I SEE, directed to the infantile and juvenile public. A great “Encounter” of artists and professionals from all over the country loaded with shows […]

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Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny Wertep

- 21/12/2018

Since 2008 A3Theatre is organising WERTEP International Theatre Festival – the most important theatre event in the Bialowieza Forest Euroregion in Poland. The Festival is an annual event of established artistic and social renown. Being an unusual event in the region – it allows local community to see culture from different perspective, activating local society […]

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