Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


THEMAA-UNIMA France is glad to emphasize that Arketal’s company, from Cannes, welcomes two young artists from Haiti : Ronald Jean Pierre and Angela Auguste. They both follow Puppet courses from 18th janurary to 26th march 2016 : Paper theater with Narguess Majd ; constructing figurres with Greta Bruggeman ;  puppet play with Emilie Flacher ;  shadow theater with Jean Pierre Lescot and bunraku with Thomas Lundqvist. This is a cooperation project for the development and support to the Art of Puppetry in Haiti. That cooperation began in 2010, after the earthquake.


The project is supported by the French Institute of Port au Prince, Festival des Quatre Chemins and FOKAL foundation in Haiti, and the French associations : « L’arbre à Chadèques » and the »Theatre au bout des doigts » of Agen, Figura and Arketal’s company from Cannes.