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Last updated: 16-11-2021

Small Universe Cultural Space

Small Universe Cultural Space

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At the University, I carry out teaching, research and university outreach with students about to graduate from the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I am the author of the Programme of Information and Preventive Education on Problematic Substance Use and Health Promotion "My classroom is a tableau". The project proposes to work on the subject of drug use, through the exchange of information, the construction of a script, the elaboration of puppets and the staging of the play with its characters. The Espacio Cultural Pequeño Universo is a project that brings together different proposals to be shared. We promote critical, creative and careful thinking. I support different projects of use of puppets in the diverse fields of action.

Work areas: Cadre éducatif, Cadre thérapeutique, Travail social/développemental, Recherche

Target: In the development of my work both in the area of health (collective and/or individual), in the various scenarios (therapeutic, community), with the education sector (formal, non-formal, school, high school and university) the target population is wide and diverse. The forms of the field of action are flexible, working in those areas in which it is possible to include the art of theatre. The community, health and education are dimensions addressed, generating a capital of experiences that make up the framework of my praxis.

Languages spoken: Espagnol