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Last updated: 16-11-2021

Andrea Markovits

Andrea Markovits



I am an artistic director of the company Puppets in Transit and in 2017 we created the Diploma in Puppet Therapy program in Chile along with a multidisciplinary team. This group is in charge of the research of the expressive and therapeutic properties of puppets and objects and their impact on people and communities. We train professionals in the area of theatre, puppets, therapy, health, social work and education in the therapeutic and social application of puppets.

Work areas: Cadre éducatif, Cadre thérapeutique, Travail social/développemental, Recherche

Target: People with intellectual disabilities. People in contexts of social vullneration. Victims of state terrorism and family members of the disappeared in the context of the military dictatorship in Chile (1973–90).

Languages spoken: Anglais, Espagnol