Union Internationale de la Marionnette

Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to UNESCO


Ode to life is a space to thank and celebrate from the beauty of the puppets the rebirth and the vital and creative impulse to continue with our processes and projects; some in pause for the covid-19, with joy, gratitude and hope. Life always gives us new opportunities to continue building and rebuilding personal and collective paths with our beloved puppets.

Puppets are destined to safeguard and strengthen the essence of the human, since ancient times they have been instruments of healing. And in these moments of profound changes in humanity, what functions do they fulfil in society, beyond the artistic, the educational and the entertainment.

This Colloquium invites its participants to present reflective and scenic proposals that allow us to discover some answers to this question, as an act of gratitude and celebration of life by healing our inner selves.

Dates : Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2022.
Hours : 11 am. to 2 pm. Mexico City time.

There will be 6 thematic tables with 4 presentations each, at the end of which there will be a brief question and answer session with the participation of the public.
Our fourth Colloquium is open to 25 participations, each lasting between 7 and 12 minutes.

The topics to be discussed can always be, with the common thread of the puppets: joy, resilience, hope, creativity, rebirth/flowering, life, love, friendship, family, travels, projects
The event will take place virtually in synchronous time, we will use the Zoom and Facebook Live platforms.
A certificate of participation will be awarded.

The closing date for this Call for Proposals is 20 March 2022.

Proposals must be sent to the following e-mail address: titeroterapia@gmail.com and must include the following information:
1) Name and surname (as you wish it to appear in our communications).
2) Town and country of origin.
3) Title of the presentation.
4) Proposal written in no more than 70 words.
5) Brief personal biography (70 words maximum).
6) Telephone number (whatsapp).
7) For the personal portfolio, we need a minimum curriculum vitae in 5 words and your photograph in jpg format.
8) Preferred date and time (subject to availability).

Organising Committee
Claudia Martínez del Castillo – Mexico
Pablo Reyes Juárez – Mexico
Claudia Calvi – Argentina
Milagros Arroyo Dávila – Peru
Fernando Venâncio Filho – Brazil
Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho Carneiro – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho Carneiro – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho Carneiro – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho – Brazil
Rosemary Gomes – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho – Brazil
Fernando Venâncio Filho – Brazil