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UNIMA Council Meeting – Day 5

Agenda, News, Notices - 4/05/2023

Desa Kala Patra On Day 5 of the council meeting, final statute revisions proposed by Fabrice Guillot to improve the clarity and functioning of the organization were considered, National Center reports from Iraq and Singapore were shared, SE Asia reported on the establishment of a working group to increase collaboration among countries, UNIMA Korea shared […]

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UNIMA Council Meeting – Day 4

Agenda, News, Notices - 4/05/2023

When planning a special event or ceremony in Bali, the calendar of auspicious days must be consulted to ensure success. And what could be a more auspicious time to host a UNIMA council meeting than on Tumpek wayang, or the day of the puppet in the Balinese Hindu calendar. As shared by our host Ibu […]

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UNIMA Council Meeting – Day 3

Agenda, Commissions, News, Notices - 3/05/2023

Day 3 started with reports from the Americas. Happy anniversary UNIMA Brazil! Humanitas and Cooporation commissions also shared the great work they are doing to support puppetry artists in times of need, including a project to support students from Ukraine to continue their studies. Special thanks to the contributors to the Emergency Aid Fund for […]

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UNIMA Council Meeting – Day 2

Agenda, News - 29/04/2023

Day 2 brought reports from South & East Asian, Pacific, West & Central Asian, European and African centers and representatives as well as Commission reports by the Asia-Pacific, Communication & Public Relations, Education, Developments & Therapy, International Festivals, Heritage, Museums & Documentation and Professional Training Commissions. It was a day to celebrate the many projects […]

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UNIMA Council Meeting – Day 1

Agenda, News - 26/04/2023

At last the Bali Council meeting has begun. Marking the first hybrid council meeting of UNIMA’s 95 year history, we celebrate the gift technology has given us to connect more broadly across the world, despite some challenges this imperfect tool also brings. Most of all however, this morning was a reminder of the passion and […]

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Karakulit Festival Pécs City, Hungary

News, Notices - 22/04/2023

In April, the shadows came to life again in the centre of Pécs. As part of the 10th Theatre Olympics World Puppet Arts Festival, the 2nd Karakulit International Shadow Play Festival was held between 19-23 April, organised by the Márkus Zínház. The festival was an interdisciplinary meeting of art history, theatre and visual arts, where […]

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