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Tia Kehrä

Tia Kehrä


The reliable atmosphere are the powerroots, to be able to believe, that we can, though we dont know yet how?. Supporting precence while "acting" spontaniously (the body knows how). I will explane and showcase and open the idea. The conversation and feedback comes after, while watching the results from video. Our "Energylaundrytime" begins with 1. orientation/letting go- being in presence/in body( preparation part), pause, next step is 2. puppetry/objects/spontanious doing, with help of favorit music, freely chosen objects, supporting group, pause, next step 3. incluedes feedback and sharing/ conversation and finally 4. we come back from our "trip". Back to the reality with new beautifully grown wings/ beings.

Áreas de trabajo: Cadre thérapeutique, Travail social/développemental

Público objetivo: To you, adult people, who sense in their hearts and breathing that there is something that touches, when I tell, that you can/are capable/are going to love, while presenting/ use another/better/easier "language", for expessing your inner/other self/the unknown/something, that cannot be reached with words only/something new that wants to come visible/by animating/with expressing tools/ objects/ mowements/music/imagination/illusion/miracle/wonder/did I just do that?/ I quess I did?/something inside of me did it?/ was this planned to become?/like this was written before/, just by doing, yes, just by letting things happen.

Lenguas habladas: Anglais, Suédois