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Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear

Fargher , Catherine (Australie)

This work was produced by Jessica Wilson. Jessica Wilson is an Australian director and producer working with visual narratives in spectacle theatre, in-theatre for young audiences and participative projects. She has toured her works to USA and around Australia winning numerous awards. She now lives and works in Melbourne.

Autors : Catherine Fargher (text) and Jessica Wilson (imagery), based on a story by Catherine Fargher
Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear captivated audiences in multiple seasons both in Australia and North America, with its intriguing story, beautiful integration of art forms, quirky aesthetic, contemporary thematics, and stunning line up of performers.
In a distinctive combination of puppetry, stop motion animation, original music and physical performance, this exquisite production playfully explores the moral and ethical dilemmas society faces, as new developments are made in health and fertility. A contemporary moral tale, it draws on the traditional structure of fables to raise questions about the remarkable futures and modern day miracles promised by science.
When a man loses his ear in a bizarre cycling accident involving a bull terrier, he cannot shake the yearning to replace it. A mysterious scientist, Dr Egg, offers a previously unthinkable possibility; he can grow the man a new ear. But first he needs a piece of his daughters’ precious flesh. When the deal is done, the ear grows, and grows, but it does not stop there. A new life is made. And it looks a lot like her. The daughter is now faced with a serious dilemma.
Dr Egg has been acclaimed for its seamless integration of forms blending person, puppet and animation to achieve beautiful imagery. It is strongly image based story telling with a compelling narrative.