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Professional Training Commission

Meeting in Florianópolis (Brazil), May 2019

Date of creation : 1976

Principal objectives

The Commission’s keywords: “exchange, meetings and encouragement”.

  • To facilitate the exchange of teachers between schools
  • To encourage the exchange of students between schools
  • To continue international reflection on the teaching-learning and training and practice of puppeteers
  • To encourage meetings between international festivals and schools.

Each year, three scholarships are offered to students from diverse backgrounds to attend classes or courses offered by some of the Schools / Programmes / Puppet Training Institutes. This offer is also available to young people who are undergoing non-formal training in countries where there are currently no schools.

The list of schools and training sites is constantly updated.


The main project of the Professional Training Commission since 2014, which will be held every two years, is the International Conferences on Training that brings together artists and teachers with the purpose of discussing and exchanging ideas and experiences regarding professional training in the puppetry arts.

Annual publications of each meeting will be made.

  • The first International Conference on Training was held in Charleville-Mézières (France), in September 2015.
  • The second was held in June 2017, in Targoviste, Romania.
  • The third one, has taken place in Florianópolis, Brazil, in May 2019.
  • The fourth is planned for September 2020, in Beijing, China.

There are also plans to organize several joint projects between schools (performances, workshops) and to offer special production projects bringing together students from various countries.

Upcoming events

Last news of the Commission

Grants 2016 of the Profesional Training Commission

Professional Training - 25/10/2015

In 2016, the Profesional Training Commission of UNIMA would give three (3) grants, without discrimination of age or origin, to students in puppetry arts, or puppeteers in practical training, to follow a course or a workshop proposed by a school or training program in puppet theater. So, it is glad to announce the list of […]

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Recipients of the Training grants 2015

Professional Training - 15/12/2014

The Professional Training Commission is glad announcing the name of the recipients 2015 of its Grants 2015 Xiaoran, student from China, and – Faith-Ann Chester-Inniss, puppeteer from Guyana. Thank to thse grants, Xiaoran would attend, in April 2015, to the workshop “Contemporary String Puppet” with Frank Soehnle in the Atelier d’Arketal in Cannes (France) and […]

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Grants 2015 of the Profesionnal Training Commission

Professional Training - 2/10/2014

The Profesionnal Training Commission is glad to announce the list of the workshops that it would support for 2015. The candidates must fill out and send the application form before November 15th, 2014 and have to choose one of the courses or workshops listed here below. – Contemporay String Puppet with Frank Soehnle at the […]

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The Profesionnal Training Commission expresses its concern

Professional Training - 23/09/2014

For us, it’s essential to maintain the training of puppeteers as an effective way to preserve an important patrimony, because the artists’ interest in puppetry is growing and the need for high quality professional training is growing with it. In that respect, significant training programs worldwide must be maintained and protected. So, when a program […]

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Grants holders 2014 of the Training Commission

Professional Training - 2/12/2013

After long discussions, the members of the Training Commission decided to award, for 2014, 2 grants for students. The recipients 2014 are: – Domokos Kovacs, from Hungary, will follow, in August 2014, the workshop “Dance and Puppetry” headed by Duda Paiva, in the International Puppetry Institute of Charleville Mézières (France).   – Miroslava Fuentes Figueroa, […]

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