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Middle East & North Africa Commission

The Commission Middle East & North Africa was created in 2016 at the 22nd Congress of UNIMA Tolosa, Spain.


  • To arouse attention and recognition of the puppet in the MENA countries;
  • To develop the Art of Puppetry in these countries;
  • To provide practical tools for those interested in puppetry;
  • To promote the heritage and current realities of the countries in the world;
  • To develop UNIMA Centres in the MENA countries;
  • To seek funding to support the Commission’s activities.

Proposed actions

  • To establish relationships with institutions in these countries;
  • To produce a project each year and not one big project presented at the end of term
  • To create practical tools to make known and available the puppetry arts and traditions of the MENA region, in particular on the UNIMA website page www.unima.org and on the Commission’s page;
  • To create a database for books and publications (bibliography) through the Commission’s page on the UNIMA website;
  • To draw up lists that would reveal the realities of these countries;
  • To identify and promote historical and scientific studies (principally at universities)
  • To manifest special attention among the young/youth about puppetry
  • To publish articles and fact sheets (in particular relating to young people)
  • To promote vocational training
  • To give special attention to women artists
  • To launch a reflection on the techniques and dramaturgy for the Arab world

Brief Introduction of members

  • Amahjour Rachid, puppet specialist
  • Poupak Azimpour, Doctor of Puppets at the University
  • Walid Badr, Puppeteer
  • Jendubi Habiba, Puppeteer
  • Dikla KatzIsrael, Puppeteer
  • Keldany Tamara, Puppeteer. Expert and puppet therapy
  • Merra Valentina, Young university student specialized in MENA cultures
  • Mohab May, Young university student, puppeteer
  • Zourgui Mohamed, Cultural animator

Upcoming events

Last news of the Commission

Festival Douma Tanja in Tangiers – Morocco

From 27 to 29 December 2016, the first edition of the puppet festival “Douma Tanja: des arts de marionnettes et de performances” is held in Tangiers, Morocco. This festival, which includes shows, exhibitions and moments of training, is strongly wished and directed by Professor Rachid Amahjour, president of the association ”Tanger, Porte de l’Afrique”. It’s […]

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