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UNIMA Moldova

Date of creation: March 7th ,1996

c/oTeatrul Republican de Papusi "Licurici" 68, Bucuresti Str.
MD 2012  CHISINAU  Republic of Moldova

+373 069694564


Brief history
The National Centre of UNIMA was registered by the Ministry of Justice in March 7th 1996 with the agreement of the Moldavian Ministry of Culture. By a letter dated on February 8th 1996, Jacques Félix, Secretary General of UNIMA, authorized Titus Jucov to name the Moldavian Centre UNIMA MOLDOVA. The national Centre is supported by the Puppet theatre of Moldova.

Important projects and achievement
The national Centre of UNIMA has helped several students to choose the profession of puppeteers. Four promotions have studied at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts.
The Centre has published 5 books on the history of the puppet theatre in Moldova and on the puppetry arts. With the Republican Puppet Theatre Licurici and the Theatre Union of Moldova (Uniunea Teatral din Moldova, UNITEM), it has organized four editions of the International Festival of Puppet Theatre (1995, 2000, 2005, 2010). The first edition was launched by the Secretary General of UNIMA, Jacques Félix. The fifth edition will take place in 2015.