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Spectaculo Interesse

Spectaculo Interesse
Pivovarská 3164/15
728 32  Ostrava
Czech Republic

+420 596 100 500, 420 596 100 502



Spectaculo Interesse is an international puppet festival hosted by the Ostrava Puppet Theater. The festival is biennial, held every odd year in late September and early October. The festival gives audiences and the professional public the most interesting performances developed in recent years. The dramaturgy of the festival aims at expressive theatrical production where the puppet plays an important role. In addition to purely puppet productions, it also offers other productions that work with the resources and principles of puppet theater. The dramaturgical selection is not limited to the productions of any genre or target group. The festival is intended for adult and children audiences. Priority is given to projects and productions developed since the last SI. Exceptions to this rule can be made, however, in the case of extraordinarily successful projects.
A five-member dramaturgical board headed by the director of the theater chooses the productions. The festival is divided into main-competing and side-noncompeting programs. All productions of the main program are judged by a three-member international jury that will award a grand prize and three individual prizes at the end of the festival. The main program is also open to professional theaters, groups,independent theater companies, and individuals from home and abroad. The side program includes mainly noncompeting theater performances for both children and adult audiences, as well as workshops, panel discussions,  concerts, lectures and seminars,thematic exhibitions, and so on.