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Happy New Year 2017

General Secretary - 06/01/2017

We wish all the members of UNIMA around the world a New Year, united by the puppets, and that peace, health, work and happiness flood your lives. Dadi Pudumjee, Idoya Otegui, Manuel A. Morán, Karen Smith, Lucile Bodson

Germany - 06/01/2017

Newsletter of UNIMA Germany

Cuba - 26/12/2016

Newsletter of UNIMA Cuba

Belgium - 23/12/2016

Newsletter of the French-speaking section of UNIMA Belgium

Professional Training - 21/12/2016

This year, the Training Commission has been receiving a great number of applications; more than about forty ones meeting the selection criterias. After a difficult election due the good level of the applications, the members of the Training Commission decided to award, for 2017, 2 grants for students. The recipients 2017 are:- Diana Tuneva (Russia) who, from May 15th till June 2nd, 2017, will follow, in the Teatro Gioco Vita (Italy), the workshops "The Immaterial art / a training [...]

Middle East & North Africa, Marocco - 20/12/2016

From 27 to 29 December 2016, the first edition of the puppet festival "Douma Tanja: des arts de marionnettes et de performances" is held in Tangiers, Morocco. This festival, which includes shows, exhibitions and moments of training, is strongly wished and directed by Professor Rachid Amahjour, president of the association ”Tanger, Porte de l'Afrique”. It's a first in Morocco and, in the same time, an incredible challenge and an issue, since we know that puppetry is not very [...]

Denmark - 14/12/2016

Newsletter of UNIMA Denmark

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Heritage Conservation - 02/12/2016

Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco !

Professional Training - 27/10/2016

In 2017, the Profesional Training Commission of UNIMA would give between 2 and 3 grants, without discrimination of age or origin, to students in puppetry arts, or puppeteers in practical training, to follow a course or a workshop proposed by a school or training program in puppet theater. Therefore, it is glad to announce the list of the workshops that it would support for 2017. Training course inspired by the play "The Conference of the birds" by J-C Carrière.Construction and [...]

Egypt - 23/10/2016

From 23 to 31 December 2016 will be held in Cairo the second national exhibition of puppets organized by the UNIMA National Center of Egypt, under the patronage and support of the director Khaled Galal, artist responsible for the cultural production sector, and in partnership with the Theatre House Technique - National Theatre Cairo puppet; and the National Center for theater, music, folk art and the Fine Arts Center. This year, the goal is to highlight the artistic production companies, but [...]

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